When a condition or injury prevents your spine from functioning properly, leaving you in pain and with limited mobility, spinal surgery can often successfully remedy the problem. At Dr. Louis Keppler & Associates, Dr. Keppler is an experienced spine surgeon who avails himself of the latest minimally invasive techniques. If you’re in Independence, Ohio, and you’d like to explore your options in spine surgery, call or use the online scheduling tool.

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Why would I need spinal surgery?

Surgery of any kind is hardly anyone’s first option, but if you have a problem in your spine that resists more conservative treatments, surgery may provide you with the best chances of successfully restoring pain-free function to your back.

Spinal surgery has come a long way as the medical world employs minimally invasive techniques to correct a host of problems in the human body. Using only small incisions, surgeons like Dr. Keppler are able to perform complex surgeries in small spaces using cameras and specialized equipment. The precision and accuracy of these techniques afford Dr. Keppler are especially useful when it comes to spinal surgery.

The bottom line is that if you’re plagued by chronic back pain (or radiating pain) that limits your life in significant ways, spinal surgery may liberate you to live your life again.

What are the most common spinal surgeries?

Spinal surgery can correct a number of problems that cause pain and limit function. To do this, Dr. Keppler turns to the following spinal surgeries:

Spinal fusion

Dr. Keppler uses this surgery to address degenerative changes that are causing you pain or scoliosis. During this procedure, he fuses two vertebrae together to prevent them from moving and irritating nerve roots in the area.


Dr. Keppler turns to this procedure for conditions like lumbar spinal stenosis to remove bone and ligaments in your back that may be compressing your nerves.


If you have a ruptured or herniated disc, Dr. Keppler removes all or part of your disc. In most cases, Dr. Keppler can perform a microdiscectomy and remove only what’s necessary.


If you have a compressed nerve in your spine, Dr. Keppler removes some bone in your vertebrae to create more space for the nerve.

What is recovery like after spinal surgery?

Even using minimally invasive techniques, spinal surgery is still surgery, and you should expect to take it easy for a while after your procedure. The timeframe on this depends on the type of spinal surgery Dr. Keppler performs, but count on at least a few months of avoiding strenuous activity to allow time for your body to heal itself properly.

Rest assured, Dr. Keppler works with you every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome.

If you’d like to research your options in spinal surgery, call Dr. Louis Keppler & Associates or use the online scheduling tool.